photo provided by Bruce France


photo provided by Bruce France

Race Peace is a project of Mondo Bizarro, M.U.G.A.B.E.E. (Men Under Guidance Acting Before Early Extinction) and Junebug Productions which blends multi-disciplinary performance techniques with facilitated discussions to incite dialogue about race and racism. At each of our workshops, we use art-making as a tool for renewing conversations about race. By using creative practices to enter a dialogue about racism and justice, we enable people to gain an embodied, interpersonal understanding of structural and systemic racism and the effects they have on our individual lives. We work to create and facilitate a space in which the group can hear each other, learn from each other, and together begin building the trust that will be needed for this work to sustain.


photo provided by Bruce France

Race Peace was born out of the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita as a group of Gulf Coast artists and friends with long-standing relationships struggled to address the blatant issues of race at the center of the storm. Although originally envisioned as a two-year dialogue and performance project, it soon became apparent that the need for the work was vast and ongoing.

In the last eight years, Race Peace has developed an extensive track record of working with communities and organizations. We go where we are invited, and tailor the work specifically to each community’s needs.  

What We Want To Accomplish

photo provided by Bruce France

When dealing with issues as complex and embedded as race and racism in American culture, it is important to think long-term because transformation takes time. In this project, as in all of our work, we try to maintain realistic expectations. We see any first time workshop as the beginning, understanding that the people assembled will have varying degrees of experience with these conversations, and knowing that each person enters with their own analysis of race and racism shaped by their environment, the media they are exposed to, and their personal experiences and beliefs.

Throughout the process, we strive to make the work energizing and engaging so that people can be present and bring their whole self to the discussion. We mean to expose some of the roots of racism and racial misunderstanding - structural, systemic, interpersonal and interpersonal - and to lay the groundwork for peace. Concretely, we work with our partners to develop action plans and ideas for using art and dialogue to address the unique issues and needs of their communities. We hope to create reciprocal, ongoing partnerships in the effort to undermine racism and seek out a lasting, celebratory peace.   


For further information and booking, please call Brandi Turner (601.953.1863) or Joanna Russo (504.579.4139). You can also visit or for more information.